Why brickz

“Everyone should have access to reliable, accurate and up-to-date transacted sub-sale property price information at their fingertips”

"Save hours of research time"

Brickz’s mission is to make transacted properties information in Malaysia transparent to help home owners, investors and real estate agents save hours of property research time by guiding them to take the right actions, based on the right insights.

We realized some people need this information to assist them on their property purchase decision. We do this by turning transacted property data into information and knowledge in the most efficient way.

Why brickz?

Reliable Source of Information

The source of data on Brickz records a property transaction once the stamp duty for the Sales and Purchase is paid.


Brickz has been compiling these officially recorded transactions since Jan 2014 and will be updating the transacted data on a monthly basis. All transactions represent sub-sale transactions only. View FAQs about the data

Accuracy makes a difference

To improve the reliability of the information, we need to ensure the accuracy of the data. To achieve this, we built a pattern recognition system that automatically omits or fixes any transactions that is incomplete or inconsistent such as transactions without prices, proper project name, no build up or land area size, inconsistent prices and sizes.


We spent months developing the pattern recognition system as we are dedicated to deliver the most accurate representation of transacted properties in Malaysia.

Efficient and Relevant Display of Information

At Brickz, we have a very important saying, “functionality is much more important than style”. Thus we are committed to ensuring the information displayed on Brickz is efficient and relevant. But a little style does not hurt.


We have made our site both easy enough for anyone to quickly find out the transacted prices of a particular project and same time highly functional for researchers to explore the information – examining prices, identifying trends and observing correlations for specific locations, building types or land uses – which gives the researcher information that is used to direct a decision.

Who can benefit from brickz?

I have an idea on what I want

If you planning to sell your property or found one you like to buy, do your due diligence and use brickz to search for your desired property to find out the latest transacted prices. Optionally you can buy our budget-friendly single reports to get all the details.

I have no clue what or where to buy

Explore using brickz simple tools such as suggestive search, filters and sorting to find out which property suits your need. Optionally you can buy our budget-friendly single reports to get all the details

I am in the property business

Use brickz to find out the latest market trends and do your own analysis based on your needs. Never lose a deal and subscribe to our cost-effective yearly subscription to get full access to all transactions and tools but most importantly, be informed on latest monthly transactions.