Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are new development transactions shown on brickz?

  • No. We only show official sub-sale transactions with the stamp duty paid.


What is an official sub-sale transaction?

  • A transaction is considered an official sub-sale transaction when the name on the title is transferred and the stamp duty for the transaction is paid to LHDN.


I recently did a transaction but I do not see it on your website.

  • The transactions available on brickz are recorded once the stamp duty for the transaction is paid and not when the SPA is signed. It will take few months for a transaction to be reflected on brickz. Therefore, the transaction data for the latest months are incomplete as there is a time-lag between the sale of a property and the subsequent registration of this information. The missing data is included as it becomes available. Our analytics are also based on the data available and may be subject to revision as and when more data becomes available.


I bought a property in 2013 but I do not see my transaction on your website even though I can see other 2013 transactions. Are all transactions updated on brickz?

  • No not all transactions are reflected on brickz. We only started compiling the transacted data from Jan 2014.
  • The dates shown in the transactions are the dates of the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). However, transactions are only recorded as official when the Stamp Duty is paid and not upon the signing of the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). Therefore our monthly updates will have transactions transacted on various months.
  • The reason for this is because the Sale and Purchase of a property goes through a variety of processes and the length of the purchase completion after signing the SPA depends on the complexity of the property being purchased.
  • So, due to this complexities, it will take between one to twelve months for transactions to be reflected on Brickz. And in some extraordinary cases, even longer.


Are any data omitted by Brickz? 

Yes, to improve the reliability of the information, our pattern recognition system automatically omits data such as:-

  • Not complete. For example, missing size, price or area
  • Not consistent. Price or size is too low
  • Bulk Purchases. Bulk purchasing of 10 or more units in the same project by a single person in a single month
  • Multi-share Inconsistency. If there is more than one buyer for the unit and the share percentage does not match.


Does Brickz modify any of the data? 

We do not edit any critical information of the data such as address, unit price, lot size and the transaction date. We however do modify non-critical general fields such as town, land use and building types to ensure it is consistent to what we hope our users are familiar with

Why become a Brickz subscriber?


  • Full access to all recorded transactions with stamp duty paid from January 2014 onwards for all states in Malaysia. Normal users can only view latest 10 per project.
  • Transaction unit address
  • The next 12 months of transacted data (updated monthly)
  • Additional features such as generate PDF reports and receive email alerts


As a subscriber. will I be able to see the buyer and seller details or any more information for a particular transaction?

No. As a subscriber, the only additional information on a particular transaction you will have access to is the full unit address.


How much is Brickz subscription?

RM 450 per year. More details.


What is the length of the subscription?

1 (One) year from the date of subscription


Is the subscription fee refundable?

Unfortunately all transactions are final and the fees are not refundable.


How do i subscribe?

View our pricing details and subscribe from that page or click here to subscribe right away.

Due to new transaction data use restrictions, we regret to inform you that direct subscription of will no longer be possible.


For more information on our products and services please drop us an email at [email protected].


For subscribers before April 2021, we have extended your subscription expiry date in relation to the months there were no updates. The last update was Dec 2020.

What is a Single Report?

A single report is a report of past transactions in PDF format for a single project with stamp duty paid from 2014 onwards.


Does the single report contain every past transaction?

No. The report contains only transactions where the stamp duty was paid since 2014. And since the transaction date is based on the Sales and Purchase date, for various reasons, we have transactions back dating to even the 1960’s. The date range depends on the Project you purchase. View Sample Report.


How will I know the number of transactions for a project and the date range? 

The number of transactions is shown on the project detail page. The date range will be shown on your checkout screen before you decide to purchase the single report.


How much is a Single Report?

A Single Report will cost RM30 per project.


How do I purchase a single report?

  1. Search for your desired project and from the project detail page, click on the “Purchase Single Report” link at the bottom of the transactions.
  2. You will be directed to the login/register page. Register for free if you haven’t done so. Ensure to verify your email.
  3. Once your registration is verified, you will be directed to the payment page.

Verified registered users can skip step 2. 


How do I download the report?

Upon successful payment, you will be directed to “My Reports” section where you will see the project you just purchased and a ‘Download Report” button next to it. You can download the PDF report to your hard drive. You can also download it anytime when you login to Brickz.



Will the report include future transactions?

No the report will only have transactions that are available at the time of purchase. Future transactions will not be included.


Does the report reveal the unit addresses?

Yes the single report shows the unit addresses


What format is the report?

The report will be in a downloadable PDF format.

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